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Best Vistas of the World: Serengeti – Bing Travel

Thanks to bumped seats on a flight in Johannesburg in 2002 (we confirmed our return seats twice), my husband and I got a mileage voucher. The next year, we flew from Dubai to Kenya, then traveled to Tanzania by tour. We signed up for a no-frills safari-tenting tour. Oh, what a trip! We timed it for the return of the wildlife to the Serengeti. Our small tour group sat in a mini-van right in the middle of the zebras, wildebeests, etc. That was only one highlight of that trip…

Best Vistas of the World: Serengeti – Bing Travel: Serengeti

“The Maasai name for the Serengeti is “Serengit” — it translates to “endless plains” — and this section of Africa is so vast that it seems to dwarf the herds of 2 million wildebeest, gazelles and zebra that migrate twice annually in a giant circle, the largest mammal migration in the world. Covering 12,000 square miles, the Serengeti stretches from southwestern Kenya to northern Tanzania.”


Extreme Castles: Predjama Castle, Slovenia – Bing Travel

Check out these Castles! My husband, our son and I visited this castle in Slovenia quite by change of plans. We were to drive to Prague from Vienna, Bratislava, then onto Hungary. My husband and I flew to Vienna from Bahrain, and our son flew there from the States. The day we got there was the day Europe had the 100-year flood. All our well-made plans went out the window. We decided to keep the rental car and head south. In doing so, we went through Slovenia and discovered this wonderful castle built into the cave. It was awesome!

Extreme Castles: Predjama Castle, Slovenia – Bing Travel: “Extreme Castles: Predjama Castle, SloveniaA castle on an island is one thing, but a castle in a cave? Slovenia has just that in the form of Predjama Castle, built in the mouth of Postojna Cave, about 100 miles east of Venice, Italy. The in-cave location provided excellent defensive capabilities for the castle, whose history goes back at least to the 13th century; these days, cave tours are popular with visitors to the castle.”


Complete Guide to Vacation Rentals Slideshow at Frommer’s

Traveling this summer?  Check this out:  Complete Guide to Vacation Rentals Slideshow at Frommer’s.

Save up to 82% on Last-Minute Cruises

My husband and I had a great Panama Canal cruise in 2009, arranged by Vacations-to-go.  We started in Miami and ended in San Diego.  Last year, we used them for our tour of Peru and Bolivia. Prices look better this year.  Check them out, and check out the senior promotions.

“Welcome to Americas Clearing house for Discount Cruises.  Are you looking for a cruise vacation at an unbelievably low price? Since 1984, Vacations To Go has helped more than two million travelers save hundreds of millions of dollars on discount cruises!”

Save up to 82%on Last-Minute Cruises

Visit a Quieter Part of the Great Wall – 10 New Ways to Do China’s Greatest Hits Slideshow at Frommer’s

This article from Frommer’s brought back wonderful memories of my family’s fantastic TransSiberian Train trip from Beijing to Moscow/St. Petersburg in July 2005. 

Visit a Quieter Part of the Great Wall – 10 New Ways to Do China’s Greatest Hits Slideshow at Frommer’s


GOTTA TRAVEL: 12 Beautiful Lakes

These lakes are sooo beautiful!

These 12 lakes go to all the right extremes — highest, deepest, clearest — and showcase nature at its most spectacular. Soak up the views from a boat, a cable car, a trailhead or a castle tower. Text by Beth Collins, Budget Travel.”


Summers Cheapest Destinations

Summers Cheapest Destinations – by Bing Travel

Orlando is the cheapest summer destination, with an average airfare of just under 304 for a three-night stay. Families can aim for Walt Disney World, which has a host of new offerings including the expansion of Fantasyland, the new Wild Africa Trek, the new Hyperion Wharf and a Star Tours motion-simulator ride in 3-D. Orlando is also home to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and oddball places such as Gatorland. Travel guru Pauline Frommer recently named Nickelodeon Suites as one of her 12 resorts where kids rule. Average airfare three-night stay: 303.97

Boston is second cheapest – see the rest: Summers Cheapest Destinations via GOTTA TRAVEL.

Discover Nova Scotia

I am planning a road trip from Boston to Nova Scotia for later this year.  My husband and I may fly to Boston, then rent a car and drive to Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Niagara Falls, New York and fly back to Katy TX.  Here is a good website for Nova Scotia:

Discover Nova Scotia

Warm maritime hospitality in every experience. Nova Scotia is one of the friendliest places on earth. We invite you to discover the seven regions of Nova Scotia and all the experiences they have to offer. Whether you’re an urbanite wanting to shop and pamper yourself, a history buff interested in Atlantic Canada’s heritage, a foodie in search of the best seafood, or an outdoorsman excited to begin a new adventure, Nova Scotia has something spectacular for you.

A slide show of clichéd tourist pictures around the world.

It’s almost summer vacation time, and about 59 percent of Americans say they have travel plans. Wherever they go, they are certain to take thousands of pictures of themselves with the local furniture: Mt. Rushmore, the London Bridge, Notre Dame, and so on.

via Rocky Balboa Needs Some Alone Time NowA slide show of clichéd tourist pictures around the world..

GOTTA TRAVEL: Hats Off to America’s Most Beautiful Landmarks –

By Lyndsey Matthews, Travel + Leisure  updated  4/17/2011

“Nearly a million New Yorkers rush through Grand Central Terminal to and from their desks every day, barely taking notice of the spectacular Beaux-Arts building that surrounds them. First-time visitors to the terminal, though, may find it hard to imagine taking such an architectural masterpiece for granted: with its massive, echoing main concourse, soaring multi-paned windows, and vibrant astronomical ceiling mural, it’s one of America’s great structural gems. Little wonder that so many tourists (some 21.6 million per year) can be seen standing amid the crowds of commuters, marveling and snapping cell-phone photos.”

Read more and see slideshow here:


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