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Step-by-Step Guide to Buying a Home

 “Home buying knowledge before you start shopping is powerful. You will find that being an informed individual about the home buying process is empowering for you. Lucky for you that you came to the right place. So let’s get started buying your first home! ”

Before Buying a Home, Get Your Finances In Order

Line up your financing, set aside a down payment and study the loan programs available. By doing your homework, you will know exactly how much you can pay and what it will cost you.

By Elizabeth Weintraub, Guide


Are You Aware of the 10 Hidden costs of owning AND renting a home?

Are you renting a home, but considering buying one?  Check out these often hidden costs associated with both owning and renting a home.  You may decide now is the time to buy your dream home.

Top 5 Hidden Costs of Renting Your Home:

Top 5 Hidden Costs of Owning Your Home:

10 Hidden costs of owning AND renting a home.

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