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Real Estate Market Conditions – Video Update – 01/16/2012

See the 10 tips for sellers in the Mortgage Advice section.  

Real Estate Market Conditions Video Update 01/16/2012

     Real Estate Outlook:  More Markets Show Measurable Improvement
     City Report:  Forbearance
     Green Living:  Tips for the New Year

     Real Estate Outlook:  Mortgage Applications Down
     City Report:  Remodeling Pays
    Mortgage Moment
    10 Tips for Sellers
     Home Inspections
     Buyers: Making the Right Choice
     Ready to Buy?
     How to Sidestep the Spread of Mortgage Fraud
     The Joys of Home Ownership
     Why Show / Why Buy Webcast

Housing more affordable than ever … for foreign buyers

Texas is No. 3 with 9 percent of home purchases attributed to foreign residents. The most homebuyers came from Mexico, India, Vietnam, China and the Philippines. 

Housing more affordable than ever … for foreign buyers.

Realtor Magazine: Baby Boomers Seek Smaller, Affordable Homes

Realtor Magazine states that baby boomers planning to move for retirement are looking for smaller, affordable homes that are easily accessible to medical care and near their family.  A new poll by Associated found that to be  true of more than 1,000 adults born between 1946 and 1964 conducted.

“Baby boomers who make more than $100,000 a year are the most likely to say they plan to buy a new home during retirement. For boomers who plan to purchase a new home, the most important factors cited in a home for retirement included:”

  1. Smaller home (40%)
  2. Near medical offices or hospitals (39%)
  3. Different climate–perhaps warmer (30%)
  4. More affordable home (25%)
  5. Being closer to family (15%)

via Katy Real Estate and Events Blog.

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