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My husband and I visited Cape Town a few years before the 2010 World Cup. We traveled with friends and started out in Johannesburg. From there, we took a tour to Kruegar National Park . Besides the great safaris, we saw beautiful scenery on the way back to Johnannseburg. From there, we flew to Zambia to see the Victoria Falls. Then back to J’burg and onto Cape Town. I would love to go back there one day to see the changes. Highlights of Cape Town were the day tour to see penguins, the tip of the cape where two oceans merge, and the wine tour north of Cape Town. Check out this World Travel Guide for Cape Town.

“You cant fail to be blown away by Cape Town: gorgeous beaches, dramatic vineyards, a stylish centre plus that astonishing flat-topped mountain plonked smack bang in the middle add up to jaw-dropping glory.While Cape Town is one of the worlds most beautiful cities, its also among the most easily manageable. Although the suburbs now sprawl outwards, most tourist attractions are clustered close together. You cant walk far without stumbling across colourful African crafts, eclectic restaurants, fascinating museums and world-class hotels.”

See Cape Town Travel Guide via GOTTA TRAVEL.


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