Real Estate and Events in Katy TX and Surrounding Communities

News Posted January 5, 2011 Gadberry Group announced its list of the most notable high-growth areas in the U.S. during 2010, and Katy, Texas was ranked no. 1. “This year the no. 1 spot went to Katy, Texas where household growth seems unaffected by the economic conditions that challenge many parts of the nation,” says Gadberry Group principal Larry Martin.

“Katy topped the list with an 8.71 percent increase in households from 2009-2010.” Headquartered in Little Rock, Gadberry Group provides location intelligence services and date for the world’s top retail brands. Their list also included suburbs of Fort Worth, Dallas, Phoenix and more. Katy was the only Houston-area suburb to be named to the list. Overall, the Group says Katy was the fourth fastest growing area of the
10 since 2000.

The Cinco Ranch development continues to contribute new households to Katy’s growth. “Compiling the 2010 was especially interesting as we anticipate the release of the 2010 Census household counts, which we are confident will confirm our household counts,” says Martin.

The 10 selected places in this year’s list had an average household growth of 150 percent from 2000-2010, compared to last year’s list average of 170 percent from 2000-2009. Martin noted that, in spite of the economic challenges of the past few years, there continues to be pockets of growth in the most resilient areas of the country. Texas is noted as bucking national economic trends by capturing four of the slots.

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