Real Estate and Events in Katy TX and Surrounding Communities

     According to a new report by Veros Real Estate Solutions, Houston is expected to post the nation’s strongest home price appreciation over the next year.  VeroFORECAST states that Houston’s relatively low unemployment – 8.7% in August-contributed to the city showing an increase in home prices in the third quarter and that trend should only continue.  Houston will help Texas lead the nation in terms of home price appreciation over the next 12 months.

    September single-family statistics supports that the study has merit.  Even with the current multi-faceted national economic uncertainty, and the lackluster sales month Houston experienced in September, the region seems to possess remarkable resilience in retaining median sales price and raising the average sales price.  If the country can move to more certain times for business and consumers, Houston home sales will rise first, if the historic low interest rates remain, even temporarily.   The statistics below aren’t pretty but we forget how lucky we are to be in Houston, where it doesn’t get any better than this.

For a table depiction overview of the month and year-to-date,



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