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Cinco Ranch to expand 

By Hala Aboudaher 10/05/10

Newland Communities announced that they will expand Cinco Ranch along with a new joint venture with Sekisui House last week.

The partnership acquired 493 acres, with the plan to build an additional 1,200-plus houses in Katy.

Sekisui House is the largest home builder in Japan, and has made environmentally and sustainability conscious products their target.

“Newland and SEKISUI HOUSE share a commitment to creating well-planned, sustainable communities that will thrive for decades to come,” said Robert McLeod, Chairman and CEO of Newland.

“Our teams look forward to leveraging our local and regional expertise to acquire and develop high quality real estate projects with SEKISUI HOUSE across the nation going forward.”

The new Cinco Ranch Expansion will focus on creating a sustainability conscious community.

“The most recently developed phase of Cinco Ranch was master-planned with a commitment to green and sustainable development, including a LEED-qualified community center called The Lake House, the use of native plants and organic fertilizer, and Energy Star certification for all homebuilders,” said Ted Nelson, President, Central Region Division of Newland Communities.

“We fully anticipate that future phases of Cinco Ranch will continue to incorporate the best and newest ideas in sustainable community development.”

Cinco Ranch was labeled the number one best selling community in the nation in 2009. They have built over 11,000 homes since opening the development in 1991.

Construction on the new expansion will begin in three years in the southwest region of the neighborhood.

“We have not begun the envisioning and master planning process for the new acreage yet, but we are confident that in addition to new homes the new section will include the full range of recreational amenities, greenbelts and other features that have helped make Cinco Ranch the number one selling new-home community in Texas and the United States. At this time, there is also one school site planned for the new acreage, which like the rest of Cinco Ranch is part of the Katy Independent School District,” said Nelson.

Cinco Ranch is expected to have 14,000 homes total when the expansion portion is completed.


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